Please select from the following projects. Retro mini and mainframe series 1. Project Multics Multics mainframe time sharing operating system (1965) 2. Project System/370 TSS Fully running version 3.0 of IBM's Time Sharing System/370 3. Project VM/370 vm370 Emulator with Robert O'Hara's Six Pack 4. Project MVS Fully running MVS 3.8j Tur(n)key 4- System. IBM Mainframe 5. Project SIMH Collection AT&T, Data General, DEC PDPs and VAXen, Honeywell, HP and others. All with OSs. 6. Project Cray 1 Supercomputer Cray 1 Supercomputer Other projects 1. Project HTTP Test Server TINY docker container that shows uname -a when you send it a http request. Useful for testing clusters. 2. Project AI Object detection Object Detection using Tensorflow 3. Project Jupyterhub Multi user Jupyterhub with C++, Java, Python, Tensorflow, Julia, SQL, NodeJS, and more! 4. Project Ubuntu VDI with RDP access Ubuntu XRDP and MATE virtual desktop. XORG and XVNC. Simple persistent user/data management